Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hola!!! Today my god.... There's this comic character in Foxtrot who always goes," I'" You know??? Annoying, but cool! Anyway, today was a major bummer because I just could not seem to understand what the Tamil comprehension was about, and I just screwed up!! Argue!!! Who cares anyway!! Oh, how could I forget?? You sooo had to see Bernyce today!! Her dumb freako hairstyle and her double studs and gigantic watch, like, so pissed me right off course today....I mean, who the hell is she trying to copy?? Cyndi?? Puleezzze....Cyndi might be able to pull off freako hairstyle (not that I like her or anything!) but Bernyce????? Give me a damn break.... I got sooo mad at her absolute disregard for rules (not that I really follow them either, for your information!), but she is over the limit!!! She is a right old freak and she is annoying!!!! I get reminded of an ugly Trelawney when I sight her...... Anyway, let's focus on more important things, shall we??? I have got to grab a bite because I am starving...and dinner was just a few minutes ago!! How on earth do I curb my moronic appetite??
Later, Hermione